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Bell 525 for sale

Bell 525 for sale

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Helicopter Bell 407 GX
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Bell 407 for sale
Helicopter Bell 407
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Bell 407 for sale
Helicopter Bell 407
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Bell 412 EP for sale
Helicopter Bell 412EP
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Bell 525 for sale

Bell 525 Relentless √ medium-duty helicopter, manufactured by American aviation company “Bell Helicopter” with 2016 year. The first helicopter design Bell 525 Relentless began American engineers and designers in the year 2010, while the model was presented already in the year 2012 and July 1, 2015 year this model helicopter was able to successfully pass the first test flight, in connection with the 2016 year released to manufacturing Although officially certified until now hasn’t been.

Despite the fact that officially helicopter Bell model 525 Relentless positioned as an aircraft, medium-duty, its capabilities are much broader √ developers themselves are classified as developed by the aircraft to helicopters “super-high” medium-duty, and therefore, the helicopter can become quite popular among future clients, which also contributes to and reasonably acceptable price.

Depending on the target destination, on board a helicopter Bell 525 Relentless can accommodate up to 22 people, including two crew members and 20 passengers, which in turn is very practical, and allows you to operate the aircraft for a variety of purposes, including as a full-fledged passenger helicopter, capable of working on small Airways length (maximum range is 925 kilometers). Among other things, as originally intended by the American brand, Bell helicopter 525 Relentless can carry on his Board and plenty of cargo √ payload provided for developers is 3700 pounds, which in turn makes the helicopter highly effective air vehicle.

525 Bell will offer its future owner of several kinds of interiors. This is practiced in the production of private jets. At the disposal of the passengers will be the space area of square meters, with melkogabaritnymi rotating chairs. This will instantly turn Salon into a kind of conference room or dining room. Salon “Office-helicopter” with floor area of 8.2 square. meters, equipped with the last word of technique, is equipped with a modern lighting system and air conditioning, minibar, desk and ergonomic swivel chairs. At the request of the client it is possible to decorate the cabin décor accessories gold and precious wood.

Helicopter Bell model 525 Relentless features powerful enough power plant, consisting of two turboshaft engines General Electric CT7 file-2F1, each of which generates a force of 1800 HP, which in turn provides helicopter very impressive and acceptable performance characteristics. Maximum flight speed of an aircraft of this model is limited to 306 km/h, while the maximum flight altitude-6096 meters, which very much for helicopters of this type. He flies at a cruising speed of 287 kph and has a flight range of up to 1000 kilometers without refueling (or 6:00).

The helicopter is equipped with the latest avionics, which includes system Garmin G5000H with touch control, flight control mode that optimizes and delivers greater interaction of the apparatus and pilot, as well as touch dashboard ARC Horizon.

Because of the delay, in total about half a year, the current program schedule is quite tight. Initially, the model was planned by the end of 2016 to certify, the new term-1st quarter of 2017, flight test programme will involve five samples.

The first and second prototypes (AC1 and AS2) will be tested to confirm the basic characteristics and to extend the area of flight regimes, after which AS2 (now at the final stage of Assembly) will be tested in icing conditions. The third prototype, AC3, will be tested under load. Bell expects that these three cars rise into the air before the end of the year. Prototype AC4 will run configuration for offshore work, AC5-for search and rescue operations, the company reported.






Bell 525

Main rotor diameter, m


Tail rotor diameter, m


Length, m


Height, m


Width, m


Mass, kg


empty equipped with wheels


Max takeoff


Fuel, l


Engine type

2 TBG Genetal Electric CT7 file-2F1

Power, HP

2 x 1800

Maximum speed, km/h


Cruising speed, km/h


Range, km


Flight endurance, h.


Service ceiling, m


Static ceiling, m


Crew, pers



16 passengers, up to a maximum of 20 passengers




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