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Bell 430 for sale

Bell 430 for sale


TTAF: 2210

Location USA

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Bell 430 for sale


TTAF: 3290

Location USA

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Bell 430 for sale


TTAF: 2850

Location USA

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Bell 430 for sale

Bell 430 – civil helicopter. Predecessor 430 th was Bell-230. The first 430 made its first flight on October 25, 1994 in Canada. Helicopters Bell 430 are produced in various modifications. The standard layout of the cabin allows you to host 9 people, including the pilot (2-2-2-3). Optionally available options for 10 people (2-2-3-3), 8 – corporate – seats are deployed to each other (2-3-3), and 5 or 4-bed cabin (including the pilot) with one or two additional areas.
The Executive class helicopter Bell 430 is the flagship series of civil helicopters Bell, the absolute leader in its category in terms of safety and performance.

Bell 430 is ideal for exclusive transfers, it is no coincidence that even the American President is using this model to fly within the country. In the stylish and spacious interior can accommodate up to 7 people, 2 rows of 3 people face to face, and one on the prestigious location of the 2nd pilot in the cockpit on the left. However, the most representative club Seating configuration with lowered in the form of the armrests, backs of the middle seats involves 2 pilots and up to 4 VVIP passengers.

Pay attention to the length of the cabin and the legroom of passengers! You are unlikely to find another VIP helicopter, giving such freedom to Your body in flight. Of course, it is the Executive class limousine.
Gorgeous shimmering and captivating game color Chrome Ilyin Chameleon at the top of the fuselage in combination with a double gold at the bottom will create the perfect mood for the flight.

The fuselage is made by special technology, reducing noise in the cabin, and is equipped with additional exclusive heat and sound insulation.

Volumetric separate the trunk will allow you to take your things without having to literally sit on them in flight, as sometimes happens with other helicopters.

And what can I say, this aircraft just very beautiful. He’s excellent in the air and on the ground. Perhaps, our 430 is the most sophisticated helicopter in the world!
Exclusive salon

Made in bright colours, spacious Executive lounge with exclusive vented incredibly comfortable leather seats, dual tinted glass, decorated with precious wood, covered with a genuine matte gold-tone hardware is the Acme of respectability, luxury and comfort, and, without exaggeration, worthy presidents.

Especially it should be noted that it is unbeatable and the only Russian helicopter in such a manner.

Luxurious wide leather sofa, mounted in the rear compartment, made-to-order. The middle part of the back of the sofa transforms into a comfortable armrest with Cup holders. The backrest of the middle seat of the front row also folds up, forming a large wooden table with Cup holders and it magically appears a bar with exclusive drinks, which rises from below using a special lift. It also provides space for utensils, soft drinks, ice and supplies for cocktails, food, which our lovely stewardess will offer VVIP passengers in flight. Limo window that separates You from the pilots, emphasizes the exclusivity of the cabin and ensures the confidentiality of Your conversations.

Super modern climate system provides a comfortable temperature, as in the fierce cold and heat, and the individual nozzles of the conditioned air to the passengers located on the ceiling, allow to create comfortable temperature mode for each of them.

Built-in audio and DVD system Hi-End class allows You to enjoy music or watch a movie in flight, and also connect Your laptop to descend from the ceiling video panels and presentations to Your business partners during the flight. For comfortable reading in the dark each seat is equipped with individual lighting system.

Passengers on Board the helicopter, can also communicate with each other and with pilots using headphones with microphones, you can always isolate the pilots using the special audio in order for the passengers to have confidential negotiations or simply to enjoy music or movie, video presentations without interference from radio transmissions from the pilots.

Specially designed additional noise insulation system allows you to get one of the quiet Lounges, and compensating noise active noise cancellation headphones Bose Series X completely eliminates traditional for helicopter-specific noise.

A small but important detail – 24-volt electrical system of our helicopter has a socket to 12V in the cabin (similar to car cigarette lighter) that allows You to use in-flight personal computer, mobile phone, photo camera, etc.




Two gorgeous gas turbine engine Rolls Royce 250-C40B highest degree of reliability allow us not only to reach the speed of 280 km/h, but also to keep steady flight and a safe landing even one of them. The engine anti-icing system installed, as well as special snow and dustproof device, protecting them from ingress of snow, sand and other foreign particles from the air.


Maximum duplication of all management systems (including the autopilot, which is also two!), ensure the fulfillment of the flight in automatic mode at any altitude up to 3000 meters, including instrument flying in poor visibility conditions – this approach significantly reduces the influence of the human factor during the flight. A great navigation system that is also duplicated, eliminates the slightest possibility of getting lost in the airspace.

The aircraft was fitted with dual control, therefore, the most important the flights are operated by two pilots who can control, navigation and radio communication with the ground independently of each other. At the same time, our crew received special training in the U.S. coordinated efforts in the cockpit of this particular helicopter.

The autopilot Flight Director installed on this model Bell 430, combined with the automated control system of landing to a height of 15 meters, which corresponds to the 3rd category of meteomedia by international standards.

Bell 430 is equipped with all imaginable and unimaginable security systems, including three horizon indicator, barometric and radio altimeters, dual measuring the velocity, the duplicated system with a radio and GPS navigation, radio communications with the Ground. The onboard radar allows you to detect and avoid adverse weather conditions, on a special display to display all the parameters of adverse weather events – the size, intensity, direction, distance and level of danger. In addition, the collision-avoidance system monitors the movement of other aircraft in the space around.

The system of continuous recording of all parameters of the flight and the crew talks provides high deponirovano aircrew.

VNE-computer and other electronic systems allow our helicopter to perform category “a” – the highest category, the United States adopted for flight operations in the densely populated and densely built areas, such as Metropolitan areas, with the implementation of touchdowns and take-offs from small sites, providing the required level of security.

Additional fuel tanks to increase the range of up to 1000km. and allow if necessary to go to a reserve airport, for example when a sudden deterioration of weather conditions at the intended point of landing.

Three powerful spotlights mounted under the floor, two of which are controlled from the cockpit, you can direct the light in any direction, allowing you to perform a night landing with superb lighting of the landing site and surrounding areas.

Unusual for this type of helicopter high skid chassis allows landing on an uneven surface, for example in the field, and also performs additional amortiziruemoe and absorptive functions.

In addition, the special nozzle on skis allow the helicopter to land on the snow.

The system of protection from damage in a collision with wires eliminates one of the most common, unfortunately, in the world of the causes of trouble when flying in helicopters.

The Bell 430 has a type certificate and is allowed to perform the instrument and visual flight or two one pilot in Russia and abroad.


The level of comfort and equipment this product exceeds all previously released Bell 430. For reference: in the year they are produced not more than 5 pieces, the queue of orders at the factory already posted 5 years ahead.

It is safe to say that Bell 430 is the best in the world, no wonder the manufacturer plans to include photos of the helicopter in the advertising materials in 2008.

If You want to make on anybody impression – give him a flight on this magnificent ship and you can be sure that Your task will be exceeded.


Crew: 1-2 pilot
Passenger capacity: up to 9 passengers
Length: 15.3 m
Fuselage length: 13,44 m
Main rotor diameter: 12.8 m
The tail rotor diameter: 2.1 m
Fuselage width: 3,45 m (with sponsons)
Height: 3,72 m
The area of the swept rotor: 128,71 m2
Base chassis: 4,17 m
Wheel track: 2.78 m
Empty weight: 2 430 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 4 218 kg
Payload mass: 1 788 kg
on the suspension: 1 587 kg
The volume of fuel tanks: 710 HP
Powerplant: 2 × turboshaft Rolls-Royce 250-C40B
Engine power: 2 × 808 HP (2 × 603 kW (takeoff))
The dimensions of the cab

Length: 2,77 m (without cabin)
Width: 1.37 m
Height: 1.3 m
Useful volume: 4.5 m3
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 277 km/h
Maximum speed: 265 km/h
Cruising speed: 250 km/h
Practical range: 509 km
Duration: 2 h 48 min
Service ceiling: 5 590 m
Static ceiling:
using the effect of the earth: 3 078 m
without the use of ground effect: 1 890 m
Disk load: 32.8 kg/m2
Thrust: 184,5 W/kg (on transmission)

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Bell 430 for sale – about 6 m. USD;
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