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Bell 412 EP for sale
Helicopter Bell 412EP
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Bell 412 for sale

Bell 412 – multipurpose helicopter developed by the American company Bell Helicopter Textron based Bell helicopter Model 212. The helicopter boasts a 4-blade main screw, increased fuel capacity, improved speed and doljnostnaya indicators. First flight of the prototype was made in August 1979. Serial production started in 1981.
Called bell Model 412, the company has developed a version of the helicopter Model 212 with a new four-bladed rotor design which had several advantages. The blades were made of fiberglass and honeycomb core, had a strip of titanium that protects them from abrasive damage. Finally, the blades were mounted mesh to protect from lightning, they were provided for installation of anti-icing heating elements. The main rotor hub is made of steel and light alloys, with elastic bearings and dampers. The last production version was the 412SP helicopter Model, which had a higher fuel capacity and other improvements. Only from 1981 to 1989, was delivered 162 instance of the helicopter Model 412. The company Agusta in Italy produced the helicopter under the designation AB 412SP (75 copies), and has also developed a military version of the Griffin (Griffon), the prototype of which first flew in August 1982.
Bell 412 first production version.
Bell AN
a military transport helicopter with 12.7-mm machine gun mounted on the turret under the nose, 7.62-mm machine gun in the door of the cab and 2 hardpoints (containers with machine guns, 20 mm cannons or PU 70-mm NUR (CH, 7x, 4x).


Bell 412SP
the upgraded version of the Bell 412 with a 55% increase in internal fuel.

Bell NR
modification with improved transmission.
Bell 412 EP twin – engined multi-purpose helicopter of the middle class, capable of working in extreme conditions: low temperatures, at high altitudes and in desert conditions. The helicopter has the widest cabin in its class. Standard passenger cabin can accommodate thirteen chairs. In the VIP version in the cabin comfortably accommodate seven passengers. Wide cab door greatly facilitates the landing of the helicopter. Exceptionally comfortable layout quality helicopter complement excellent performance – one of the lowest among the helicopters of the middle class. Bell 412 EP is the only one in its class helicopter with razrabotciki fuel system and the passive safety of the crew as standard.

Bell 412 prices:
Bell 412 for sale – about 6.3 m. USD;
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The diameter of the main rotor, m 14.02
The diameter of the tail rotor, m 2.59
Length,m 12.92
Height ,m 4.32
Weight, kg
empty 2935
maximum takeoff 5397
Internal fuel, l 1249 + optional 621
Engine type 1 GTE Pratt Whitney Canada PT6T-3B-1 Turbo Twin Pac
Power, kW 1 x 1044
Maximum speed, km/h 259
Cruising speed, km/h 230
Range, km 695
The rate of climb, m/min 411
Practical ceiling, m 4970
Static ceiling, m 3290
The crew, 1-2 pers.
Payload: 14 soldiers or 6 stretchers with 1 accompanying or 1814 kg of cargo in the cab or 2014 kg of load on the suspension

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