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Bell 230 for sale / Bell 222 for sale

Bell 222 for sale


Location USA

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Bell 222 for sale


TTAF: 4705

Location USA

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Bell 222B for sale


TTAF: 3105

Location USA

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Bell 407 GX for sale
Helicopter Bell 407 GX
115 ttaf
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Bell 407 for sale
Helicopter Bell 407
1350 ttaf
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Bell 407 for sale
Helicopter Bell 407
714 ttaf
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Bell 429 for sale
Helicopter Bell 429
170 ttaf
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Bell 427 for sale
Helicopter Bell 427
930 ttaf
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Bell 412 EP for sale
Helicopter Bell 412EP
1425 ttaf
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Bell 230 for sale / Bell 222 for sale

Bell 230 – multipurpose helicopter developed by the American company Bell Helicopter Textron. The helicopter is an improved version of the Bell 222 with the new rotor high inertia, and a new power plant with two Allison 250 GTE-SS, take-off power on CV, redundant hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems and vibration reduction “Kodamatic”. Made its first flight in September 1991, was certified in 1992. Commercially produced office Bell in Canada since 1992; built 40 helicopters.
Bell became popular after starring in the TV series “Airwolf”. Took lots of video games on the subject of the series with his participation.
Bell 222
The original Model 222, sometimes unofficially called a Bell 222A to distinguish it from the Bell 222B. It was powered by two (461 kW takeoff rated, 441 kW max continuous rated) Honeywell (formerly Lycoming) LTS-101-650C-3 turboshafts.
Bell 222B
In 1982 the 222 was given a power upgrade (two Honeywell (formerly Lycoming) LTS-101-750Cs with takeoff rating of 505 kW each), a larger main rotor, and was renamed the Bell 222B.
Bell 222B Executive
This model had improved systems and a luxury interior.


Bell 222U rotor head and flight controls
Bell 222UT
A 222B variant with skids, introduced in 1983. The lack of retractable landing gear allowed for larger auxiliary fuel tanks.
Bell D-292
The Advanced Composite Airframe Program (ACAP) was a 1985 all-composite LHX proof of concept project. The Bell D-292 used the Avco Lycoming engines, transmission, two-bladed main and tail rotors, tailboom, vertical fin, and rotor pylon of the 222. The D-292 had a new composite airframe.
Bell 230
In 1991 the 222B design was updated, given more powerful engine versions, and renamed the Bell 230. Production ended in 1995.
Bell 230 Executive
Executive transport version.
Bell 230 Utility
Utility transport version.
Bell 230 EMS
Air ambulance version, equipped with one or two stretchers.
Bell 222SP
During the 1990s, some Bell 222s were modified with the 222B’s engines and 230′s Allison 250-C30G engines for improved single engine (engine-out) performance, and redesignated as 222SPs.[5] Bell 430
In 1995 the Bell 430, a stretched 230 (adding another seating row), was launched, with more powerful engines and a four-blade main rotor.

Characteristics of helicopter Bell 222/230 Super Transport:

Powerplant:two turboshaft engine Ascolichen LTS101650C2

Take-off shaft power kW (l.with.)

Maximum power continuous operation:wt (l.with.).

Maximum speed:265 km/h

The speed at flight level:km/h

Dynamic ceiling:m

Range with maximum fuel capacity:523 km

Weight empty:2204 kg

The greatest take-off weight:kg

Main rotor diameter:12,12 m

Fuselage length:10,98 m

Height:3,51 m

The area of the swept rotor:115,29 sq m

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Bell 222/230 for sale – about 1 m. USD;
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