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Bell 212 for sale

Bell 212 for sale


TTAF: 12100

Location USA

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Bell 212 for sale


TTAF: 8400

Location USA

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Bell 212 for sale


TTAF: 14100

Location USA

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Bell 412 EP for sale
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Bell 212 for sale

Bell 212 – multipurpose helicopter, twin-engine variant of Bell 204/205.

Designed by the American firm Bell Helicopter Textron, originally for the canadian forces, as CUH-1N, later renamed the CH-135.

Canadian armed forces ordered 50 helicopters, deliveries of which began in may, 1971. At the same time, the U.S. military ordered a bell 212 294 called the UH-1N. The first flight took place in August 1968. Production expanded in 1971. In September 2014, the U.S. marine corps wrote off the last helicopter of this type. They are planned to be replaced by the UH-1Y. At the same time helicopters UH-1N is still used in the United States air force
The production of Bell helicopter Model 212 was established in Italy shortly after the U.S. was developed twin-engine variant of the helicopter Model 205 (the first prototype of the helicopter rose into the air in 1971). Bell 212 (and its Italian variant AB 212) was a fuselage of the helicopter Model 205 with two mounted on him by the Pratt & Whitney Canada RTT-3 Turbo Twin-Races. Two engines were provided greater safety than one; helicopter Model 212 is able to perform horizontal flight with one operating engine. The size and composition of the onboard equipment helicopter AB 212 close to the helicopter AB 205A-1, but has a much higher reliability. Deliveries of helicopters AB 212 to customers began in the fall of 1971.

In the baseline helicopter AB 212 is designed to transport 14 people and one of the crew members – the pilot, but the cabin is easily adjusted to perform other tasks, in particular – VIP transportation. By helicopter it is possible to install additional equipment: winch, crane for cargo transportation on an external sling, extra fuel tanks, floats, ski chassis and other equipment at customer. Cabin if necessary, re-equipped for transportation of wounded to six stretchers and two seats for medical staff.

Squad Grupelicot 4 stationed in Grottaglie, armed helicopters are AB 212 and SH-3D Sea King, used mainly in the interests formed in 1994 units NLA (Nucleo Lotta Anfibia). AB 212 perform the tasks of fire support to special forces, which can be armed with 70mm ROCKETS. During the modernization of the helicopters has established booking and instrumentation combined with night vision goggles (NVG).

Since 1979, the Italian air force received 36 search and rescue AVI AM. In 2005, six helicopters modernized in AV 212 ICO (Incremento della Capacita Operativa) by installing passive systems of self-defense, Kevlar armor, GPS, 7.62 mm machine gun in the doorway; instrumentation combined with NVG.

Since 1975, the army of Italy received 19 helicopters AB 212 (EM-3), which are used as training, transport and health. A small number of army helicopters modified for conducting electronic intelligence and jamming. State police Italy received 19 cars AB 212.

Helicopters AB 212 was exported to 17 countries. The composition of equipment and weapons is determined by the customer. Some countries, such as Greece, has purchased helicopters both options for use in the air force, Navy and Army. In Greece, these machines are used as anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare and for VIP transport.

Since 1980, the Austrian air force has received 23 helicopter AB 212 in multi-purpose and transport options. Currently they are all stationed in Linz. In 2010 the company launched a modernization program aimed at extension of another 25 years to improving the efficiency of night and installation of defensive systems.

A small amount of AB 212 is operated police aviation in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. In Malta, two helicopters with mixed Maltese-Italian crews performing search and rescue tasks.

Very well AB 212 was sold in the middle East. 27 cars bought by Saudi Arabia for transport and use as a study. Helicopters armed with 12 squadron of the 1st wing in king Khalid. 3 squadron air force of Bahrain to the base of the Reef uses multiple AV 212 as transport and police. In February 2011, armed AB 212 was used to monitor Pro-democracy demonstrations.

1973-1979-Lebanon provided seven helicopters AB 212. Some of them were damaged or were lost during the civil war. Surviving cars from 1990-ies has been stored. In 2009, Lebanon was negotiating with Italy for the purchase of spare parts for helicopters.

Crew: 2 pilots, 2 observers
Passenger capacity: 8 or 6 soldiers wounded on stretchers
Capacity: 2268 kg (suspension)
Length: 17,45 m
Fuselage length: 12,9 m
Main rotor diameter: 14,63 m
Height: 4.5 m
The area of the swept rotor: KZT 168.1 m2
Track runners: 3.96 m
Empty weight: 2889 kg
Curb weight: 3119 kg
Normal takeoff weight: 3893 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 4536 kg
with load on the suspension: 4763 kg
The volume of fuel tanks: 726,1 l
additional tanks in the cockpit: 2 × 567,8 l
The mass of fuel in internal tanks: 592 kg
maximum with extra fuel tanks in the cockpit: 1365 kg
Powerplant: 1 × turboprop Pratt & Whitney Canada T400-CP-400 (consists of two PT6)
Engine power: 1 × 1800 HP (1 × 1324 kW)
The dimensions of the cab

Length: 2,34 m
Width: 2,31 m
Height: 1,245 m
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 231,5 km/h
Cruising speed: 218,5 km/h
Combat radius: 150 km
Practical range: 318,5 km
Its ferry range: 909,3 km (with fuel in the cockpit, without payload)
Service ceiling: 4328 m
Static ceiling: 4267 m
Rate of climb: 9,4 m/s (at maximum capacity)
Disk load: 23,14 / 27 kg/m2 (normal / maximum takeoff weight)
Thrust: 340 / 292 W/kg (normal / maximum takeoff weight)

Small arms, gun: 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm machine guns
Rockets: 70 mm rockets in blocks of 7 or 19 pieces

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