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Bell 206 for sale

The Bell 206 is a family of light utility helicopters. Development and production: Bell Helicopter Textron Company. The helicopter first flew on the air on 10 January 1966. Serial production started in 1968 and continues to date (2011). In 1968 the firm Bell received a contract for serial production of 2200 helicopters under the designation Bell OH-58 Kiowa, differing from the Bell 206 a larger diameter rotor, small changes in the internal layout and installation of military electronic equipment. By the end of 1989 the total number built by bell helicopter Model 206 (all modifications) exceeding 7000 machines.

Bell 206L4 Long Ranger is a multi-purpose helicopter developed by the American company Bell Helicopter. Bell 206L is the development of the helicopter JetRangerII with a larger diameter rotor (11.28 m , elongated fuselage, and GTE Allison250С20В, power kW.
The first flight was made 11.09.1974, mass-produced since 1975 in the U.S. and in Italy under license. Was produced in 1981 and subsequent years variations 206LLongRangerII, III, GTE Allison250С30 with greater take-off power – but, the greatest take-off weight CG and better flight characteristics. From 1986 serial LongRanger helicopter production was transferred to Canada, where we have built more than 600 helicopters.
Bell206L-4 is the latest helicopter of the family Long Ranger. The helicopter is equipped with an advanced powertrain, takeoff weight of the helicopter is increased. The helicopter was first shown in March 1992 at the HeliExpo show in Las Vegas.
Production of the helicopter were placed in Canada, at the company’s Mirabel. By the end of 2000 released more than 300 helicopters Bell206L-4 LongRangerIV.

Features of Bell helicopter 206L4:

Cabin height:1.20 m

Cabin length:1.50 m

The greatest number of passengers:5-6

Cabin width:1.20 m

Height:10.56 m

Length:3.04 m

Bell 206B3 JetRanger III is a multi-purpose helicopter developed by the American company Bell Helicopter. Bell 206B3 JetRanger III is a further development of the helicopter Jet RangerII with the same dimensions of the fuselage and main rotor, but with GTE rolls Royce (Allison) 250-C20J or Allison250C20R/4, power kW. Mass-produced since 1977 in the USA, where he built 1615 helicopters in Italy under license from the firm Augusta built 300 copies, firm Mirabel in Canada built 275 copies. Biggest customer helicopters – firm Petroleum Helicopters.
The helicopter was also supplied to military units and police units from different countries, for example in the air force Croatia and Slovakia I. Bell206В3 is the last representative of a type JetRanger.
Its production started in 1986. On the basis of helicopter established ТН57ВSeaRanger training helicopter for primary training with better equipment. The U.S. Navy ordered 51 helicopter deliveries completed in 1985. Fleet reordered 89 helicopters TNS, which are equipped with equipment for night flying.

Features of Bell helicopter 206B3 JetRanger III:

Cabin height:1.30 m

Cabin length:0.99 m

The greatest number of passengers:5-6

Cabin width:1.19 m

Height:2.52 m

Length:9.89 m

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