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Bell 205 for sale / Bell 204 for sale

The success of the Bell UH-1A/B “Iroquois” convincingly proved that the basic design of these helicopters were few errors. Dedicated helicopter UH-1A/B is continuously fine-tuned and fitted with more powerful engines.

In early 1960. firm Bell proposed an improved version of the design of a helicopter Model 204 with a longer fuselage, an extra space in the cockpit, providing the pilot and 14 troops or six stretchers, or up to kg cargo. In July 1960. the U.S. army awarded Bell a contract for the supply of seven helicopters for testing. They had army designation YUH-1D, and the manufacturer was designated as the Bell Model 205.

The first of these helicopters took to the air on August 16, 1961. and after a successful flight test was launched into serial production. The first helicopter, designated the UH-1D, was delivered on 9 August 1963. Powerplant machines of this type was turboshaft engine Avco Lycoming T53-L-11 shaft power kW; standard fuel supply, comprising 832 liters, could be supplemented by two internal auxiliary fuel tanks, resulting in maximum fuel supply was increased until 1968 litres.

The large-scale production of helicopters UH-1D was deployed for the U.S. army and for the armed forces of other countries; 352 helicopters were built under license by the firm Dornier of West Germany.

After the helicopter UH-1D was launched in serial production of identical UH-1H engine Avco Lycoming T53-L-13 shaft power kW. Delivery of the helicopters UH-1H in the United States army began in September 1967, this version was the last in a series production.

The U.S. army intends to retain the basic helicopter UH-1H in widespread use until the beginning of the XXI century. In connection with such intention, the existing fleet of helicopters UH-1H can be seen as the object of the improvement programme, according to which must be added the modern equipment and gear.


UH-1D “Huey” – multipurpose helicopters for the U.S. army with a larger diameter rotor to 14.63 m and a chord of the blades 0.533 m and large size of the fuselage and cockpit (2.59 x 2.39 x 1.47 m), which houses two pilots and 10-12 or 6 soldiers wounded on stretchers with two accompanying nurses. The helicopters were fitted with single TBG T53-L-11 take-off power VT; was produced in 1963-1968. by the Bell, who built 2430 helicopters UH-1D, as well as under license in Germany by the firm Dornier, 352 built helicopter.
UH-1H is a multi – role helicopter for the U.S. army with one GTE T53-L-13 take-off power kW. When a single pilot can carry up to 15 soldiers. Serial production began in 1967 and continued until 1980, built 5064 helicopter for the U.S. army, along with helicopters UH-1D about 8050 helicopters on the program worth about 4.2 billion dollars, in addition, 1317 helicopters exported to various countries before 1985 In 1985-1987. delivered 55 helicopters to Turkey, and later 118 helicopters for the army of Taiwan. It is anticipated that the U.S. army will remain in operation until 2000. about 2,700 of advanced helicopters UH-NR, which will be installed new engines and equipment;
The UH-1V – sanitary version, which is converted 220 helicopters UH-1H; equipped with advanced equipment and a rescue winch;
EH-1H helicopter electronic countermeasures; in 1981. delivered three helicopters EH-1H and later seven more for evaluation tests. Equipped stations radio interception and direction finding AN/ALQ-151 and electronic countermeasures AN/TLQ-27 included in helicopter “Quick Fix” 1B;
Bell 205A – civil version of the helicopter UH-1H; built by the Bell 558 helicopters were produced under license in Italy by the firm Agusta, who built 574 helicopter AB-205, and in the Japanese firm Fuji, built 135 helicopters;
Bell 208 “Twindelta” – demo version of the helicopter with two GTE Continental T72-T-2 take-off power kW and rotor of the helicopter UH-1D was first flown in 1965;
Bell 215 “Hueytag” – demo version of the helicopter with one GTE T55-L-7 take-off power kW, limited transmission system to kW, rotor diameter of 15.24 m and the blades with a chord 0.686 m with tapering endings, equipped with a system of reduction of vibrations. Made its first flight in 1968, was offered as an aerial crane with a capacity of around 3000kg at maximum takeoff weight CG and static ceiling m.
DESIGN. The helicopter is based on a single-rotor with tail rotor, one or two GTE and ski landing gear.

The fuselage is all-metal type semimonocoque which had, with one double crew cabin, cargo cabin and tail boom with the upturned end of the blade and the tail rotor and stabilizer. The hull is made of fiberglass panels with honeycomb filler. There are reservations responsible structural elements. The crew cabin is designed for two pilots that are placed on armored seats. Access to the crew cabin is via two opening hinged doors which may be reset in flight. Helicopter UH-1H as the carrier in the cargo cabin width 2.34 m, height 1.25 m and volume 6.23m3 can accommodate up to 14 Marines on the seats high strength or loads of CG; ambulance version installed in the cab 6 stretchers and seats for two people. Access to the cabin is provided via two large sliding doors dimensions 2.34 x 1.24 m on each side of the fuselage to ensure fast loading and unloading. Front sliding doors are hinged sash that can be reset in flight; sliding doors are hatches. In the cabin floor 51 is provided a fastener Assembly seats, stretchers, winches and special equipment. Behind the cab is provided a storage compartment for placing a mass of 160kg. The cabin is equipped with a forced ventilation system type. On the lower side of the fuselage provided 13 of the attachment of the cargo and the cargo hook. May be carried on the cable under the fuselage of different loads weighing up to kg, including light military vehicles and self-propelled guns.

Two-bladed main rotor on the universal joint, with a constructive taper angle of 3°. The sleeve is made of steel and light alloys, top bushing installed a stabilizing rod in the circuit pitch control of the blades. The blades are rectangular in plan, were made of aluminum alloys with a stamped crossmember and sections, later made of composite materials with lining polyurethane and stainless steel along the toe. The chord of the blade 0.381 m (UH-1A), 0.533 m (UH-1B) and 0.686 m (UH-1E). Brake rotor standard type.

The tail rotor with a diameter of 2.59 m, two-bladed, all-metal General horizontal hinge. The blades are rectangular in plan, interchangeable. The chord of the blade 0.213 m.

The plumage consists of a controllable stabilizer and fin, the employee of the tail rotor pylon. Stabilizer span 2.59 m rectangular shape in plan. The deviation of the stabilizer is synchronized with the longitudinal control to increase the range of CG positions. The keel is provided with a tail support.

The power plant consists of one gas-turbine engines, is installed over the shaft of the rotor in the fairing with side intakes. Lubrication of motors and common gear is provided through three independent systems. In twin-engine options paired GTE installed near the shaft of the rotor in General, the fairing and have a separate side air inlets and a common gearbox. Each engine has an independent oil system automatic control system and torque limiting.

The fuel system consists of two interconnected highways with two pumps and five self-sealing fuel tanks, high-strength total capacity l. Three tank installed in the back of the cab, two tanks under the floor of the cargo compartment. Two additional fuel tank I installed in ferry version. Refueling through a single neck on the right side of the fuselage.

The transmission includes a main reducer, reducer motor, gear drive steering propeller and connecting shafts. The transmission is designed for power transmission CT.

Chassis ski-type reinforced construction, for movement along the ground used removable dual wheels. Track chassis 2.6 meters Can be installed float chassis.

Management system standard type. Control of collective and cyclic pitch propellers booster with hard wiring. Two parallel hydraulic systems are completely Autonomous. Accommodate in-cab controls for co-pilot.

Electrical system standard type. The DC link includes two starter generator (50A, 300A) and Nickel-cadmium battery (34 Ah). In an AC circuit, there are three single-phase Converter AC (VA) on the semiconductor elements. Established boarding headlights and search lights.

Electronic equipment may include a standard navigation system, identification system, radio altimeter, KB and VHF communication systems with co-transmission, automatic direction finder, distance measuring equipment, Doppler radar, and automatic flight control system with four channels.

Additional equipment: winch to rescue a load capacity of 270kg, hook for hanging loads kg, the shock absorber of the suspension of cargo, a set of six stretchers.

The armament. Military options provide for the possibility of suspension of different weapons – two guns caliber 20 mm, 4-8 ATGM “Toy”, two launchers in containers on NAR 19-gauge 70mm, two machine guns with a calibre of 12.7 mm in containers, missile of class “air-to-air or missile of class “air-surface” type “si Skua” to attack surface ships, anti-submarine version of the armament consists of two anti-submarine torpedoes or depth charges.

Helicopters bell “Mohawk” and “Hugh” in 1964-1965 was set 21 international record, including speed in a straight line on the basis of 3km and 15-25km and closed route 100, 500 and 1000 km, as well as climb rate and distance in straight and closed path.
Technical data Bell Model 205/UH-1H

Crew: 1-2
Load capacity: 1360 kg including 8-9 passengers
Length 12.69 m
Main rotor diameter 14.63 m
Height 4.5 m
Weight empty 2085 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 4,310 kg
Powerplant: 1 × GTE Lycoming T53-L-11A, 1100 HP
The maximum speed of 220 km/h
Cruising speed of 205 km/h
The distance of 533 km
Practical ceiling 5,910 m

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