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Bell helicopters for sale

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Bell helicopters for sale:

bell 412 for sale
Bell 412EP for sale


1280 ttaf
Price on request


bell 412 for sale
Bell 412EP for sale


1700 ttaf
Price on request


bell 412 for sale
Bell 412EP for sale


1690 ttaf
Price on request


Bell 505 for sale


Brand new
Price on request


bell 206 for sale
Bell 206 L4 for sale


150 ttaf
Price on request

bell 206 for sale

Bell 206L4 for sale


610 ttaf
Price on request

bell 429 for sale
Bell 429 for sale


350 ttaf
Price on request

bell 429 for sale
Bell 429 for sale


1700 ttaf
Price on request

Bell 407 GX for sale

115 ttaf
Price on request

Bell 407 for sale

1350 ttaf
Price on request

Bell 407 for sale

714 ttaf
Price on request

Bell 429 for sale

170 ttaf
Price on request

Bell 427 for sale

930 ttaf
Price on request

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Bell 412 EP for sale

1425 ttaf
Price on request

bell helicopters sale worldwide
One of the best prices on new Bell helicopters Worldwide

You will receive an official commercial offer new Bell helicopters one of the best prices Worldwide. We operate without a fee.

bell helicopters sale worldwide
One of the best prices on the resource Bell helicopters Worldwide

You will get offers resource Bell helicopters from our customers who offer them through our company. On resource helicopters warranted airworthiness and technical inspection of each.

bell helicopters sale worldwide
The set of documents under the key for each helicopter

You get not only the helicopter, but also a complete set of documents for use Worldwide. And we are free to teach your pilots and help in the maintenance of the helicopter.

Worldwide shipping

  • The cost of the Bell helicopter
  • Loading into a container or vehicle
  • Delivery to the destination (through the customs posts, if necessary)
  • Payment of customs duties
  • Payment of import VAT (if required)
  • Build, test and fly a helicopter
  • Instruction and maintenance manual helicopter
Customization of your order

  • Technical inspection prior to sale of Bell helicopter
  • Change the configuration of the helicopter (if necessary)
  • The complete documentation package for the operation of the helicopter in the territory of any country in the world
  • Encoding emergency beacon
Transaction support

  • The individual finding the necessary models and configurations of the Bell helicopter
  • Personal meetings and negotiations with the customer, anticipating the purchase of a helicopter
  • Expert advice on choice of models and configurations under personal conditions
  • Training of pilots

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After contacting our company you will be able to buy a Bell helicopters on one of the best prices Worldwide. Because we are not only the representative manufacturer Bell helicopters, but also our partners and clients can sell pre-owned (resource) helicopters.
The order of interaction when buying Bell helicopters:
1. You (the buyer) leave your contact information by filling out the form or call us by phone in the World: +8835 (1000) 139 83 48, in Russia: +7 (499) 677 61 78
2. Our specialists contact you within 24 hours and send you a list of Bell helicopters with prices and technical data.
3. You fill out the application form, which reflect its technical mission to free the individual search for the best price and resource Bell helicopters, available on the market. As well as Express your interest on future buying one (or more) of Bell helicopters in the future. (This step is required to confirm Your intentions for the seller Bell helicopters, the manufacturer or private entity).
4. We conduct individual searches Bell helicopters regarding your request (price, resource, location, characteristics of the transaction) and send you a complete commercial offer for each particular helicopter.
5. You can choose the Bell helicopters, which is the most suitable for you and reported to us.
6. We will arrange an additional inspection of the helicopter to verify its airworthiness related to the requested data in the proposal. The test results you receive in writing with the approval of certified specialists manufacturer Bell helicopters.
7. Is the main Contract of Sale of the helicopter, which regulated some aspects of its payment.
8. You get a complete set of Documents for the Bell helicopters and associated services (relative to the stated in the proposal).
9. Is the delivery of Bell helicopters anywhere in the world, which You will specify in the Contract.
In addition You will receive:

Professional aviation consulting on topics of choice picking Bell helicopters, hiring pilots and crew to operate the helicopter, documentation and maintenance of the helicopter in your country.

In order to buy the Bell helicopters at the declared site conditions, please complete the contact form and leave your contact details and our experts will contact you during the day.

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Bell 206 for sale,
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Bell 407 for sale,
Bell 412 for sale,
Bell 427 for sale,
Bell 429 for sale,
Bell 430 for sale,
Bell 505 for sale.

Bell helicopters avaliable for sale


2016 Bell 505 New 0 TT
2008/09 Bell 206 L4 Corporate 1450 TT
2015 Bell 407 GX VIP/Litter Kit New
2015 Bell 407 GX Corporate New
2014 Bell 407 GX Corporate 35 TT
2012 Bell 407 GX with Autopilot Corporate 390 TT
2011 Bell 407 GX Corporate 530 TT
2010 Bell 407 Corporate 340 TT
2010 Bell 407 Utility 2200 TT
2008 Bell 407 Corporate 1620 TT
2006 Bell 407 Corporate 1720 TT
2003 Bell 427 Corporate 930 TT Very Good Condition
2015 Bell 429 VIP 34 TT
2011 Bell 429 VIP with Icreased Gross Weight 200 TT
2014 Bell 412 EP Offshore 30 TT New
2010 Bell 412 EPI Offshore 560 TT
2010 Bell 412 EP Offshore 1600 TT
2002 Bell 430 VIP 1330 TT Excelent Condition, Refreshed Paint
2001 Bell 430 VIP 1800 TT
2000 Bell 430 VIP 1650 TT with Electric Step

Bell helicopters avaliable for lease


2014 Bell 407 GX
2013 Bell 407 GX
2014 Bell 206 L4
2014 Bell 429
2007 Bell 412 EP (Offshore)

Fractional Ownership

We are offering fractional ownership of 2012 Bell 407 helicopters.

Please contact us for details.

Other aircraft may be available for leasing upon request subject to availability.

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